RIBA – The Wide-Angle View

An exploration of architecture’s impact on society

Exhibition wall structure -fabrication and installation, hand painted wall graphics – ADi

Manchester Museum – South Asia Gallery

Co-curated with the British museum, ADi prepared app content, and a system integration network, supplying and installing integrated flat screens and touch screens, directional speakers, a 3 channel synchronised projection with PA and truss.

images © G Gardener courtesy of Manchester Museum

Audiovisual consultation, design, equipment specification and installation throughout- ADi

The Amelia – ‘Microworld:Amelia

A digital ecosystem that encourages interaction, experimentation and collaborative play

Created by Genetic MooMoo and produced by Lumen Art Projects

Design and fabrication of projection rig, AV equipment hire and installation – ADi

Photography courtesy of The Amelia

Serpentine Galleries – Gabriel Massan and Collaborators ‘Third World: The Bottom Dimension’

Gabriel Massan in collaboration with invited interdisciplinary artists Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Novíssimo Edgar, and vocalist and music producer LYZZA.

AV equipment hire and installation – ADi

Images: © Serpentine. Photo: Hugo Glendinning

Barbican Art Gallery – Carrie Mae Weems ‘Reflections for Now’

24 metre Cyclorama

4 channel curved edge blend, AV equipment hire and installation – ADi

Photography © Jemima young

Kings College – London Design Biennial ‘Seeking Connection’

Exhibition design- Alphabetical

Fabrication and installation – ADi

Photography courtesy of Alphabetical

Serpentine Galleries – Tomás Saraceno in collaboration, ‘Web(s) of Life’

Power for the artworks inside the gallery is generated by – and dependent upon – solar panels installed on the roof. ADi’s bespoke Brightsign program processes data from a control system and alters the sound and video experience based on the sunlight.

Control system with bespoke Brightsign scripting to interpret sunlight data, equipment hire and installation – ADi

image to come…

Serpentine Galleries – Steve McQueen ‘Grenfell’

Photo by Richard Ivey ©. Steve McQueen, Grenfell, 2019 (still), courtesy the artist 

Production, equipment hire and installation -ADi

Autograph – Ajamu X ‘The Patron Saint of Darkrooms’

Photography exhibition

Latex curtained central exhibition room design & build and art installation – ADi

National Gallery – Nalini Malani, ‘My Reality is Different’

9 channel synchronised video panorama installation with sound

Featured exhibition images : Nalini Malani My Reality is Different, 2022 (detail); Animation chamber : 25.12 mins © Nalini Malani; Photo: Luke Walker

Playback production with audio optimisation specifically for the gallery space, AV equipment hire and installation – ADi

Work in progress images below- ADi

Camden Arts Centre – Atiéna R. Kilfa ‘The Unhomely’

Installation view of Atiena R Kilfa, Unhomely, at Camden Art Centre, 2023. Photography by Rob Harris

Nine channel synchronised ‘built-in’ video wall, media handling, installation – ADi

Tate Modern – Cecilia Vicuña ‘Brain Forest Quipu’

Turbine Hall commission: mixed media sculpture with soundscape

16 channel looping audio playback

Sound engineering, audio equipment hire, audio installation, photography – ADi

Studio Voltaire – Huw Lemmey ‘Ungentle’

Huw Lemmey in collaboration with Onyeka Igwe, Ungentle, 2022, Commissioned and produced by Studio Voltaire. Courtesy of the artists and Studio Voltaire, Photography Francis Ware

Media encoding, equipment hire and installation – ADi

Autograph – Sasha Huber ‘You Name It’

Exhibition build, physical art installation, seating fabrication, AV media handling and equipment supply including 4 channel video wall – ADi


The Holburne Museum – Nalini Malani ‘My Reality is Different’

Images: Nalini Malani My Reality is Different, 2022 (detail); Animation chamber, 9-channel installation, sound: 25.12 mins © Nalini Malani; Photo: Luke Walker

A nine channel projection on custom built rigging in the lightwell

Media handling, equipment hire and installation – ADi

Goodman Gallery – William Kentridge ‘Oh To Believe In Another world’

5 channel synchronised audio visual installation, equipment hire and installation: ADi

Photography – ADi

Lisson Gallery – Garrett Bradley ‘Safe’

A three channel audio visual projection installation…images to come

Artist’s media handling, equipment hire, screen fabrication and installation – ADi

Art Angel at Senate House – Jessica J. Lee & Claudia Molitor ‘A Thousand Words for Weather’

Sound Installations – Featured image above shows headphone listening posts throughout the periodicals reading room

Programming, AV equipment supply, custom fabrication and installation : ADi

Stairwell and top floor audio installations

Serpentine North – Brian Eno ‘Back To Earth’

Featured image: Sound installation by Brian Eno ‘Making Gardens out of Silence in the Uncanny Valley’ 2022.

Installation view © readsreads.info Courtesy Serpentine

Fabrication, electronics, equipment supply, installation : ADi

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