Aga Khan Gallery – ‘The Quran’

An exhibition of manuscripts, artefacts, recorded sound and contemporary art exploring the The Quran

Art installation, white vitrine fabrication, audiovisual preparation & installation, hand painted gold wall graphic, Blue Qur’an lightbox: ADi

RIBA – The Wide-Angle View

An exploration of architecture’s impact on society

All exhibition display structures : fabrication and installation, hand painted wall graphics – ADi

Manchester Museum – South Asia Gallery

Co-curated with the British museum, ADi prepared app content, and a system integration network, supplying and installing integrated flat screens and touch screens, directional speakers, a 3 channel synchronised projection with PA and truss.

images © G Gardener courtesy of Manchester Museum

Audiovisual consultation, design, equipment specification and installation throughout- ADi

The Amelia – ‘Microworld:Amelia’

A digital ecosystem that encourages interaction, experimentation and collaborative play

Created by Genetic MooMoo and produced by Lumen Art Projects

Design and fabrication of projection rig, AV equipment hire and installation – ADi

Photography courtesy of The Amelia

Serpentine Galleries – Tomás Saraceno in collaboration, ‘Web(s) of Life’

Power for the artworks inside the gallery is generated by – and dependent upon – solar panels installed on the roof. ADi’s bespoke Brightsign program processes data from a control system and alters the sound and video experience based on the sunlight.

Control system with bespoke Brightsign scripting to interpret sunlight data, equipment hire and installation – ADi

image to come…

National Gallery – Nalini Malani, ‘My Reality is Different’

9 channel synchronised video panorama installation with sound

Featured exhibition images : Nalini Malani My Reality is Different, 2022 (detail); Animation chamber : 25.12 mins © Nalini Malani; Photo: Luke Walker

Playback production with audio optimisation specifically for the gallery space, AV equipment hire and installation – ADi

Work in progress images below- ADi

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