Tate Modern – Nam June Paik

Installation Photograph of Nam June Paik Exhibition, Tate Modern, 2019.
Nam June Paik Exhibition, Tate Modern, 2019.
Nam June Paik Exhibition, Tate Modern, 2019.
Nam June Paik Exhibition, Tate Modern, 2019.

Preparation of artist content for playback, design and fabrication, equipment supply and installation – ADi

Photo © Tate

ICA – Honey-Suckle Company, Omnibus survey

‘Materia Prima’

Curved floors and corners, entirely painted white, designed to eliminate any hint of delineation in the space

Design, fabrication and installation – ADi

Photography – ADi

Sadie Coles HQ – ‘My Head Is A Haunted House’

Installation view from a group show curated by Charlie Fox

Sadie Coles HQ, Kingly St from June 5th – August 10th 2019

Still from a projection piece by Alex Da Corte ‘Slow Graffiti’ 2017

Photography by Robert Glowacki

© The Artists, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London

Preparation of artists content for playback and AV equipment supply: ADi

Serpentine Galleries – Hito Steyerl ‘Power Plants’

ADi worked closely with the artist on the development of her creative concept – from several prototype designs with part construction in our E2 workshop through content preparation including image mapping to a full production build, equipment supply and installation. The six video sculptures and the 15 sigils use 3.9 mm pixel pitch modular  LED panels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 Photography © ADi                       

Royal College of General Practitioners – Susie Freeman ‘WOWi’

Featured image above shows a detail of Pill Dot Chart – two pairs of 23 metre printed canvas banners suspended in the atrium, part of the exhibition ‘What Was Once imagined’ The show runs until September. Below, a small selection of other art pieces.

Table Talk –  display for seven acylic cases

Display furniture fabrication and art installation – ADi

Photography © ADi

Autograph ABP – Phoebe Boswell ‘The Space Between Things’

Wall drawings and audio-visual installations

Supply of Audiovisual equipment and installation including the floor based pressure pads which activated Boswell’s spoken work soundscapes – ADi

AV display furniture, gallery wall fabrication and installation – ADi

Photography © ADi

Serpentine Galleries – Pierre Huyghe ‘Uumwelt’

Featured image above – © readsread.info and is courtesy of the artist and Serpentine Galleries

Complicated, rapid and continually changing image collages representing human thought patterns.

Consultation, project management and site specific audio installation – ADi

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