Photographers Gallery – Alex Prager

‘Silver Lake Drive’ – An exhibition of photographs and film by Alex Prager

For  ‘Face in the Crowd’ (featured AV image) ADi supplied and and installed the three channel synced projection as well as preparing the artists content for playback.

Installation photographs – ADi

Autograph ABP – Arpita Purdah

‘Purdah – The Sacred Cloth’  Arpita Purdah

Portraying the wearing of the Purdah and discussing the meaning and misconceptions of the tradition

Art installation and the re-cladding of the gallery walls to cover the windows – ADi

Installation photographs – ADi

Autograph ABP – Omar Victor Diop

‘Liberty/Diaspora’  Omar Victor Diop

Examining the global politics of black resistance


Freestanding exhibition wall, furniture and art installation – ADi

Photography – ADi

Liverpool Biennial 2018

Featured image: Inci Evener – 2 x 4K screens


Naeem Mohaiemen – triptych                                  Lamia Joreige – Triptych

ADi collaborated with Arciform, Liverpool to supply AV equipment for the Liverpool Biennial 2018

ADi uses latest AV projection technology at Serpentine Galleries

Hear ADi’s Sara Smith describe using the latest technology to achieve seamless floor to ceiling projection in a confined space thereby delivering the immersive environment in the Serpentine Sackler Galleries required by artist Sondra Perry:

Featured image by Mike Din courtesy of Serpentine Galleries

Morley College Gallery – Elizabeth Price

‘txtʃərz’ – Elizabeth Price


Artist’s content prepared for two 16:10 synced portrait orientation projections, equipment supply and installation – ADi

National Portrait Gallery – Michael Jackson / On The Wall

AV involvement in the exhibition exploring the wide ranging influence of Michael Jackson on contemporary art.

images to come…

Stanley Picker Gallery – Meriam Benani

‘Siham and Hafida’ 2018

Previously displayed in New York, this multi channel projection piece has been carefully reworked by ADi , in close association with Benani, to successfully fit the differently proportioned Stanley Picker Gallery.



Courtesy of the artist and SIGNAL.

Production, equipment supply and installation – ADi

Photography –  Corey Bartle-Sanderson

Art On The Underground – Heather Phillipson

‘my name is lettie eggsyrub’   Heather Phillipson –  installation at Gloucester Road Station


Twelve screen installation – ADi

Photography – ADi

Nahmad Projects – Petra Cortright

‘Pale Coil Cold Angel’ – Petra Cortright

4K ProRes playback and 3×3 screen video wall – ADi

Photography – Steve White courtesy of Nahmad Projects

Serpentine Galleries – Ian Cheng

‘Emissaries’  Ian Cheng.

Production, development and installation of playback including

the structural design of the three video walls – ADi

Photography – ADi

Association Of Photographers 50th Anniversary – Canary Wharf

Lightbox fabrication – ADi

Installation photos by Gemma Ridyard courtesy of AOP

RIBA – ‘Disappear Here’ Sam Jacob Studio

Perspective, illusion, architecture and mathematics



Build, wall painting and installation – ADi

Autograph ABP – Marcia Michael

‘I Am Now You – Mother’   Marcia Michael

My mother is “the object of my gaze” – Marcia Michael

Installation of  photographs, neon, video projection and printed wallpaper  – ADi

Autograph ABP – Franklyn Rodgers

‘Devotion – A Portrait of Loretta’  Franklyn Rodgers

Rodgers pays homage to a sacred figure

Large scale portraits of his mother and her circle of friends including a portrait of Baroness Doreen Lawrence. Photographs on aluminium panels

Art installation and installation photos – ADi


Serpentine Galleries – Sondra Perry

‘Typhoon Coming On’  Sondra Perry

Production of synched playback, supply and installation of large scale projections and three-screen workstations – ADi

Use this link to hear ADi’s Sara Smith describe the use of the latest projection technology to achieve seamless floor to ceiling images in a confined space:

Photography – Mike Din courtesy of Serpentine Galleries

Serpentine Galleries – Ian Cheng

‘BOB’  Ian Cheng.

Production, development and installation of playback including

the structural design of the six video walls – ADi

Featured image – Hugo Glendinning courtesy of Serpentine Galleries


As each 55″ screen weighs 30kg, to achieve a seamless screen insertion into the walls,

ADi had to design a strong and discreet framework to fit behind a false gallery wall.

An AV hub was established to house the extensive playback.

Behind the scenes images – ADi

Nahmad Projects : Jan Frank

Suspended sculpture installation by ADi

Photography by Stephen White, courtesy of Nahmad Projects


Kehinde Wiley – Stephen Friedman Gallery

The Audio-visual element in Kehinde Wiley’s exhibition is a 3 screen video piece. ADi used ultra short-throw lenses to allow close up viewing without interfering with the projections.

Artists content preparation, equipment supply and installation – ADi

Images courtesy of Stephen Friedman Gallery

Hassan Hajjaj : ‘La Caravane’ – Somerset House

9 screen installation synched so that the musicians take their turn to perform one by one.

Artist’s content preparation and AV installation – ADi

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