Serpentine Galleries – Sondra Perry

‘Typhoon Coming On’ by American artist Sondra Perry

Production of synched playback, supply and installation of large scale projections and three-screen workstations – ADi

Photography – Mike Din courtesy of Serpentine Galleries

Serpentine Galleries – Ian Cheng

‘BOB’ by American artist Ian Cheng.

Production, development and installation of playback including

the structural design of the six video walls – ADi

Photography – Hugo Glendinning courtesy of Serpentine Galleries


Each 55″ screen weighs 30kg and to achieve a seamless screen insertion into the gallery walls

ADi had to design a strong and discreet framework.

Behind the scenes images – ADi

Nahmad Projects : Jan Frank

Suspended sculpture installation by ADi

Photography by Stephen White, courtesy of Nahmad Projects


Kehinde Wiley – Stephen Friedman Gallery

The Audio-visual element in Kehinde Wiley’s exhibition is a 3 screen video piece. ADi used ultra short-throw lenses to allow close up viewing without interfering with the projections.

Artists content preparation, equipment supply and installation – ADi

Images courtesy of Stephen Friedman Gallery

Hassan Hajjaj : ‘La Caravane’ – Somerset House

9 screen installation synched so that the musicians take their turn to perform one by one.

Artist’s content preparation and AV installation – ADi

North: Fashioning Identity – Somerset House

Representations of mid 20th century northern England style, culture and lifestyles.

Preparation of AV content, equipment supply, installation and photography – ADi

Broomberg and Chanarin – Art On The Underground

‘The Bureaucracy Of Angels’ – A 12 minute looped film screened in the concourse at Kings Cross underground station which explores themes of migration and movement.
ADi undertook a complex project consultation in partnership with AOTU to ensure full compliance with Transport for London’s fire and safety regulations. Working overnight we installed the av equipment which included the specially fabricated 5 x 2.8m screen sub-frame and lightshades needed to improve the projection image.

AV installation and Photography – ADi

Dmitri Prigov: ‘Theatre of Revolutionary Action’ – Calvert 22

An exhibition of drawings, poems, photographs, video works and objects by Dmitri Prigov, a Russian conceptualist who died in 2007. Calvert 22 has also created an installation pictured above, from one of his sketches.


Fabrication, installation, wall drawing (from artists original) and photography – ADi

T J Wilcox: ‘Gentlemen’ – Sadie Coles HQ

This exhibition includes 2 video walls –  16 and 12 screen.


Artist’s content and installation – ADi

Photographs courtesy of Sadie Coles HQ

John Akomfrah: ‘Thresholds to Another Time’ – Frieze 2017

This year Deutsche Bank featured highly respected artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah in their VIP lounge at Frieze Art Fair. Akomfrah’s film ‘Tropikos’ (pictured above) was screened on a videowall at the opening dinner event along with a selection of photographic works and his film ‘Auto Da Fe’ (below) was screened in a specially fabricated viewing room throughout the fair.


AV fabrication & installation by ADi, (c) Smoking Dog Films, Courtesy Lisson Gallery.

Photography – ADi

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