Sadie Coles HQ – ‘My Head Is A Haunted House’

Installation view from a group show curated by Charlie Fox

Sadie Coles HQ, Kingly St from June 5th – August 10th 2019

Still from a projection piece by Alex Da Corte ‘Slow Graffiti’ 2017

Photography by Robert Glowacki

© The Artists, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London

Preparation of artists content for playback and AV equipment supply: ADi

Serpentine Galleries – Hito Steyerl ‘Power Plants’

ADi worked closely with the artist on the development of her creative concept – from several prototype designs with part construction in our E2 workshop through content preparation including image mapping to a full production build, equipment supply and installation. The six video sculptures and the 15 sigils use 3.9 mm pixel pitch modular  LED panels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 Photography © ADi                       

Royal College of General Practitioners – Susie Freeman ‘WOWi’

Featured image above shows a detail of Pill Dot Chart – two pairs of 23 metre printed canvas banners suspended in the atrium, part of the exhibition ‘What Was Once imagined’ The show runs until September. Below, a small selection of other art pieces.

Table Talk –  display for seven acylic cases

Display furniture fabrication and art installation – ADi

Photography © ADi

Autograph ABP – Phoebe Boswell ‘The Space Between Things’

Wall drawings and audio-visual installations

Supply of Audiovisual equipment and installation including the floor based pressure pads which activated Boswell’s spoken work soundscapes – ADi

AV display furniture, gallery wall fabrication and installation – ADi

Photography © ADi

Serpentine Galleries – Pierre Huyghe ‘Uumwelt’

Featured image above – © readsread.info and is courtesy of the artist and Serpentine Galleries

Complicated, rapid and continually changing image collages representing human thought patterns.

Consultation, project management and site specific audio installation – ADi

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